My guiding impulse is to excavate a thing buried within itself, obscured by the passage of time or the naming process. I try to capture the whole through its parts.

Knitting and sewing present the beginning, middle, and end at once. They are analog: first and last stitches are received simultaneously. Past is present.

Words are lexical stitches. A sentence is a seam. To write is to pull a thread.

I appreciate the parallels between these processes and the human attempt to construct a whole cloth, to make sense of the many moments - the stitches - that comprise it.

It interests me to see what and how others see: children articulate confidence in the midst of not knowing; my mother looks back and counts her mistakes.

I am drawn to the writings of Raymond Carver and his depiction of living as an act of departure from a time and a place when we once knew ourselves.