It interests me to see what and how others see: children articulate confidence in the midst of not knowing; my mother looks back and counts her mistakes.

My guiding impulse is to capture the whole through its parts.

Knitting and sewing present the beginning, middle, and end at once. They are analog: first and last stitches are received simultaneously. Past is present. I appreciate the parallels between these processes and the human attempt to construct a whole cloth, to make sense of the many moments - the stitches - that comprise it.

Words are lexical stitches. A sentence is a seam. To write is to pull a thread. I am drawn to the writings of Raymond Carver who depicts living as an act of departure from a time and a place when we once knew ourselves.

My practice is socially engaged. In dialog, hierarchy flattens and exchange generates shared discoveries. I am influenced equally by the interview methods of Studs Terkel, the social practice theory of Pablo Helguera, the pedagogical strategies of Paolo Freire, the fiber work and installations of Sheila Hicks and Ann Hamilton, the art entrepreneurship of Gordon Matta-Clark, and the data visualization of Richard R. Tufte.